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    ‘I smoke and drink’ reveals Akothee

    ‘I smoke and drink’ reveals Akothee

    Mother of 5 Akothee has been trending on social media for days now following her raunchy photo taken a while back in Malindi.
    According to reports, the photo apparently revealed her private parts; something that angered most social media users.

    Akothee’s don’t care attitude

    Anyway, this did not bother the singer who was ready for all the critics. Akothee went on to tell off those calling her out for her ‘nudity’ saying that she did not ask anyone to follow her page.
    In a new video shared on her Instagram page; Akothee reveals that she is a smoker and is seen holding a cigarette which she puffs as she enjoys her drink.

    The singer goes on to say that no one is allowed to judge her lifestyle as she also warns those fans who claim she is a role model. Clearly, she is not interested in being a social media influencer in any way; she also warns those who follow her to do it at their own risk.

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