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    Eric Omondi sends tough advice to Kenyan artistes: Do not wait for Radio and TV to play your songs

    Eric Omondi sends tough advice to Kenyan artistes: Do not wait for Radio and TV to play your songs

    The heated argument between Kenyan artists and presenters has been going on for the better part of this week as local entertainers try to figure out why their music is not getting any air play.
    Presenters and artists have been exchanging words since Monday as artists have accused presenters of picking Bongo and Nigerian over them. Presenters on the contrary, say that Kenyan music is trash and that’s why it’s not getting on radio.
    Comedian Eric Omondi has offered his take saying that artists shouldn’t be concerned that TVs and radio ignoring them.
    Do not wait for Radio to play your song!! Do not rely on TV to push your Video. Start to create your own network. Build your platforms. My top two songs last year were 1. Dundaing by KingKaka 2. Katika by Navy Kenzo ft Diamond I did not hear them on radio, I did not watch them on TV. I actually honestly do not remember the last time I listened to radio or watched TV. My best TV program is Churchill Show and guess what? I watch it on YouTube,” read his post.

    Build yourself

    He further added that once entertainers focus on building their platforms, they’ll realize TV and radio don’t matter so much.
    I respect traditional media (TV, RADIO and PRINT) I mean that is where I was born. But TIMES ARE CHANGING and they are changing FAST. Social media is slowly but surely becoming MAIN STREAM. People want information quick, they want it NOW!!! The phone is the new TV set, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, TWITTER and WHATSAP Will be the New TV Stations, SOON. I personally run a “TV Station” on Instagram called @ericomondi and I am today assured of reaching at least 3.1 million people on my Instagram, YOUTUBE and Facebook, and this can only get better. This Way I do not have to totally rely on Radio and TV. My TV station runs exactly the same way traditional TV and Radio Run, if you visit my page you will find both Entertaining programs AKA ma Ujinga as well as Adverts. Let’s start to focus on building this Social Networks as well because they are the only medium that crosses borders beyond, AND THATS WHERE WE NEED TO GO, BEYOND!!!!. MY TWO CENTS,” said Eric Omondi.

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