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    Ceasefire agreed! Jalang’o just did something to calm tensions with Kenyan musicians

    Ceasefire agreed! Jalang'o just did something to calm tensions with Kenyan musicians 

    It has been three days of intense fighting on social media as Kenyan musicians took on TV and radio presenters whom they accuse playing foreign content at the expensive of local music.
    It all started when Khaligraph Jones mocked presenters by offering to fly them to Nigeria, he was protesting the influx of Nigerian music in Kenyan airwaves.

    Jalang’o has decided to calm the tensions by organizing a meeting between the two warring parties. He has been the face of presenters in the war of words with musicians.
    The Milele FM presenter says that President Uhuru’s niece Nana Gecaga has agreed to host presenters, Djs and artistes at KICC to find a solution the the problem bedeviling Kenyan music.
    “Welcome back @khaligraph_jones and thanks for starting this debate! Meanwhile am here still taking the heat…it’s been too hot for me but you know me I stand for my word and I’ll take the heat until we all agree and finally play Kenya Music 100 % , as we speak we are already organising a meeting between Djs, presenters and Artists and the music research teams from different media houses and thank to @nanawanjikugecaga she has agreed to host us at KICC,” Jalang’o announced.
    100% airplay, in your dreams
    Most Kenyan musicians want local music to be given 100% airplay on TV and radio. Jalang’o however explains that 100% airplay is next to impossible since all radio stations target a different niche with a particular genre of music.
    “Today post is also to enlighten us on something most of us don’t know. Each and every radio station has its identity and what they stand for and what they want to be known for! 
    Kiss 100 is the Kenya No. 1 hit station so they will be mostly be playing hits only and songs that are already out there and rarely will you hear them try to play new songs that are not hits!
    NRG RADIO is the beat of the moment! So what’s hot at the moment is what counts.
    Milele is the home of African hits so if it’s hot in Africa it will be played
    Xfm is the home of Rock so they will not change from Rock to play Kenyan Music that is not Rock
    1fm is purely Kenyan that’s why all day all time play Kenyan songs
    Classic fm is home of classic hits so on and so forth!
    What Iam saying that before we also push we must also know that the different business owners had different target audience to make for them money. So once or twice will you hear a station move from their identity….Meanwhile main stream media…Radio..Tv…are all in their death beds…social media is taking over so depending on traditional media only will kill your career. Also Top Artists must now help and lift UPCOMING artists..Sautisol…Nyash…it’s a challenge, I don’t know what you are doing uko chini ya maji in support of local artists! Can you imagine if you took just one or two artists and held them to the last minute?”

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