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    Akothee: One thing i’ll do in 2019 is to insult fans

    Akothee: One thing i'll do in 2019 is to insult fans

    Singer Akothee has had enough of fans who keep complaining that they have been conned using her name.
    The controversial singer took to social media to warn fans over the issue saying that they should be careful and pay attention on who they have followed on social media.
    In a long post, Akothee said she not going to sympathize with conned fans anymore because she has warned people more than enough times.
    “The Only thing I promise my fans in 2019, I will insult you. Anyone who gets dubed by the so called Esther Akoth, I will insult you, together with your community for being stupid. Am too busy to chart with fans in my inbox, after you conned then you caome to my wall crying for peanuts. You didn’t know this wall before. my name is ESTHER AKOTH KOKEYO , I have ovee 500,000 followers on facebook as Akotheekenya, so when you get corned with some Esther Akoth with 300 followers then after you submit your proppsals and get corned, is when you look for Akothee , I don’t take business proposal’s, my office is in watamu or follow @akotheesafaris for inquiries, email is info@akotheesafaris, if any of this entities collect your money and dont render services, then you can contact me! Any other hungry idiot!Deal with your stupidity , I DONT ACCEPT BUSINESS PROPORSALS ,I DONT DO JOINT BUSINESSESS , AND I DONT EVEN CARE IF YOUR ARE DUBED ONLINE” warned Akothee.

    Block Party

    She added that for 2019 she will block anyone who is trying to bring negativity to her.
    “Make sure you know what you are following please, dont force yourself to be here, just choose your parth , Let my genuine fans follow me , spectators you are allowed to sit and watch , leave my fans alone , I still promise to block any nuisance both on inbox and on the wall, if you inbox me anything from bloggers I will block you, any negativity , I will block you, any stupid opinion , you can wipe your A*s with it on your wall, 2019 , no bulshit , you can also choose to unfollow , its good for both of us , let me wake up to 880,k real followers than 1million hypocrites , I dont need it, be true to yourself , I LOVE REAL PEOPLE, call polis,”said Akothee.

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