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    Wakamba forever’ film shines during MachakosFest Short Film Awards

    'Wakamba forever' film shines during MachakosFest Short Film Awards( full list)

    Popular short film Wakamba forever was a favourite at the just concluded MachakosFest Short Film Awards that happened last weekend.
    The film took home the Best Actor (Alfred Munya), Best Editing, Best Costumes and Best Screen Play awards before it was announced the Best Film in the ceremony hosted at the Machakos People’s Park.


    Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) Ezekiel Mutua was so impressed by the talent that he promised to fund the event next year.
    “Machakos, with its infrastructure for creative arts under the aegis of Machawood, the fascinating Machakos People’s Park, its proximity to Nairobi and with Konza metropolis just a few kilometres away, makes the town the ideal location for Kenya’s Hollywood,” the KFCB boss said, after pledging to have his board award Sh5 million to the festival next year.
    Here’s the full list:
    Full list of winners: MachakosFete 2018
    1. Best Actor – Alfred Munyua – Wakamba Forever – He carried the role as a chief, you could feel his body language, presence and authority stood out in this film.
    2. Best Actress – What’s on your mind? – Mwajuma Bahati Belle
    3. Best Director – What’s on your mind – Antony Ndung’u
    4. Best Cinematographer – Solo – Gregory Kiwo
    5. Best Screenplay – What’s on your mind?
    6. Best Sound – Numbers -David Mbugua & Alex Njuguna
    7. Best Editing – Wakamba Forever – (Alex Maina) – brought out comic relief
    8. Best Score / Sound Design – Numbers – David Mbugua & Alex Njuguna
    9. Best set design&props – Solo
    10. Best Science Fiction & SFX – Viral – Anthony Munyua
    11. Best Costumes – Wakamba Forever – Diang’a Ochino
    12. Jury Recognition: – KIU –   Apocalyptic, good cinematography, the script had so much potential but many loopholes could have been top 10 if the
    13. Best Machakos film – Stones for life.
    Machakosfest 2018 Top 20 films
    1. Wakamba Forever
    2. Kiu
    3. Numbers
    4. Whats on your mind
    5. Solo
    6. My Ndia Nduku
    7. Rock of God
    8. Ties
    9. Viral
    10. Mwanda
    11. Syokimau
    12. Petra
    13. Jiwe
    14. Sio Rahisi
    15. Angela
    16. Stone of Life
    17. Rock of ages
    18. Calamity Overflow
    19. Free
    20. Biashara

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