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    Vera Sidika new ‘stripper like’ look leaves tongues wagging

    Vera Sidika new 'stripper like' look leaves tongues wagging(photos) 

    Vera Sidika is currently in London for the East African Wave London Shutdown and will head for the US soon for another show. The socialite has gotten a full makeover for the events and she’s not looking like your usual Sidika.
    The controversial socialite recently took to social media to floss her new look which includes an orange wig, different shade of foundation and a sheer black dress.
    “New look who dis?!? said Vera after posting the photos. 


    On instagram, fans showed nothing but love after the new hairdo and makeup but were quick to point out that she looks very different. It’s a actually the first time in a long time the socialite has gone for a different make style, preferring a darker shade.
    Here’s what fans said:
    Aliyekufanyia io make up Nina sumu yake mscheew!
    You look so different wow but still beautiful 🔥
    The change is so sweet…nilikuzoea na blacjs but you decided to change it…i love it…it looks so good tutakuzoea tu nayo hadi tutakudm for more details tupate wapi…soon itakuwa the trend in town i tell you.
    Unakaa way darker yoh,hata heri haunge “skin lighten” unakaa poa
    U look so different in this hun!
    I love new you,,, for real you are gorgeous,, hapa kwetu unapakwa unakaa White
    That hair noo iyo achia Nicki minaj
    Pathetic, make up kilo kumi
    You know u can can keep it a 100 n 1 even without a make up on your
    sura mbaya
    Everyone hates how she looks here because she looks darker than usual. Why isn’t dark skin accepted in society. It’s really sad that dark skin woman like @queenveebosset and @zarithebosslady have to bleach themselves so that they are “beautiful” in society’s eyes.
    Different looks everyday😜I’m confused
    @ndukebeja 😂😂😂😂😂uyo alikua handbrake
    Makeup goals👏
    You look different and better beautifully… Change is good, ❤
    Thats not @queenveebosset ..😂😂
    🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️
    You look like minaj
    @berylodindi whats Shikwekwe?
    Looking more of Nicki
    Veraa mnaj
    Damn.. looking like Nicki Minaj
    You look so different hun
    Nikki🔥 walaih
    Did you change your face babe ?? No you look totally different I’m definitely loving the soft natural make up! It’s everything 😍
    U look brown here🔥🔥🔥
    You look amazing…………. Love this look
    @monicabrown look alike 😋

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