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    President Museveni shades Quinn Abenkyo’s Kiwani

    President Museveni shades Quinn Abenkyo's Kiwani

    Upon her arrival back into the country, Miss world Africa was given a heroine’s by a host of family friends and fans. Among these the was state minister for tourism who assured her that their was alot more in stock for her.

    She was then ushered to the state house to meet president Museveni who welcomed her and praised her success but most importantly unimpressed by her “Indian” Kiwani.
    Below is his full statement.
    I congratulate our muzukulu on these accolades and also salute her for recently completing her university degree course. She is a true definition of beauty coupled with brains.

    Muzukulu Quiin Abenakyo, the current Miss Uganda, who was recently crowned Miss World Africa, this evening paid a courtesy call on me at State House, Entebbe.

    She also told me she is an advocate of responsible living among young people. She is specifically focusing on helping young girls lead responsible, healthy lifestyles.

    I must commend Abenakyo’s parents for raising her with values. Many young people today rush into promiscuity and ruin their lives, yet a little patience and completing school would give them a foundation on which to enjoy the rest of their lives with their spouses.

    Abenakyo is indeed a tall, beautiful Musoga girl. My only concern is that she was wearing Indian hair. I have encouraged her to keep her natural, African hair. We must show African beauty in its natural form.

    Again, I congratulate Muzukulu Abenakyo on this feat. Going forward, the government will support the Miss Uganda Foundation.

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