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    Otile Brown releases new song dubbed ‘Samantha’

    Otile Brown releases new song dubbed 'Samantha' (video)

    Singer Otile Brown has released his new song dubbed “Samantha” weeks after parting ways with Vera Sidika.
    The song comes after several assumptions that the singer has already moved on and gotten himself another hot bae after his ugly spat with the socialite.
    The song was produced by Teddy B and the video shot by popular Tanzanian video director Hanscana.

    Warm reception

    The song comes just a day after Otile released an audio dubbed “Niende”. According to Otile, he decided to release the two songs back to back because one was delayed.
    Hii ndio zawadi yenu nlio wapangia ila last week nilichelewa kui releases nikaona ni release #Niende ili nisiwa disapoint kisha hii #Samantha ni release mwanzo wa wiki hii amabapo ndo leo .. Nisiwe mnafiki huu mwaka umekua wa mafanikio kwangu na yote kwaajili ya Mungu na support yenu , natumai mwaka ujao utakua ata zaidi mana nimepanga kujiongeza sana .Asanteni and God bless y’all.” he said. 
    Unlike several other Otile songs that he released while with and after break up with Vera Sidika, this one has gotten a good reception from fans and is already number one on trending list.
    Watch the video below:

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