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    Alex Mwakideu promoted, he is now Jalango’s boss

    Alex Mwakideu promoted, he is now Jalango's boss

    Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu went on air together on Milele FM sometimes in August 2018. The two presenters reunited after a year apart.
    Mwakideu and Jalas have chemistry on radio having worked together for four long years on Radio Maisha before they ‘broke up’ in 2017, when Jalas joined Hot 96 as Mwakideu remained at Radio Maisha.
    The two were poached from Radio Maisha and Hot 96 to once again work together at Milele FM, Jalas and Mwakideu host the morning drive.
    Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu
    Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu
    Mwakideu has been appointed Head of Radio Milele FM just four months after joining the station. A colleague Joyce Gituro confirmed the appointment when she sent him a congratulatory message via Instagram.
    “Congratulations, Alex Mwakideu Head of Radio and Ngunjiri, Deputy Head of Radio on your new roles. May God guide your every step. Together let’s take Milele FM higher,” wrote Joyce Gituro.

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