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    Totally savage! Akothee renews attack on Robert Alai

    Totally savage! Akothee renews attack on Robert Alai  

    Akothee and Robert Alai traded crude insults on social media on Monday November 19th. The genesis of the angry showdown was an old beef.
    Robert Alai insulted Akothee a few years ago and when the blogger recently approached the singer for a business opportunity, she used the chance to settle the old score.
    Have you seen my bra?
    Akothee has since renewed attacks on Robert Alai. The mother of five took to social media to share a really irritating photoshopped picture of the blogger and captioned it;
    Mrs ALAI : Hei bitch, have you seen my bra ? Haki huyo jamaa hatoboki hakunilipa poa 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 any way , this Yahoo boys don’t have that much money, na hao wazungu wanapatianga
    Akothee doo ,hua anawapata vipi wuoyeeee ? , haki nimechoka kuhustle hawa politicians –
    Akothee : huko huko mahali unapata hao yahoo boys , shugulika mama, mungu atakuonekania, bola uhai 😭😭😭😭 nyambura lakini kumbuka , LANES

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