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    Saumu Mbuvi flaunts another engagement ring

    Saumu Mbuvi flaunts another engagement ring (Photos)

    Saumu Mbuvi’s sweetheart has proposed to her multiple times, the lovey dovey man seems to be too eager to make the mother of one his wife.
    Saumu first showed off an engagement ring sometimes in July this year when she was accused of eloping with someone else’s husband.
    Trip to US
    Saumu clarified that her fiancé has never been a married man in a recent interview with Word Is. The Nairobi governor’s daughter explained her man was single when they met during her trip to US.
    “He is a businessman and I met him when I was traveling to the US. We exchanged numbers and started talking even when I came back. He has never been married. Maybe he was ever in a relationship, like I was before. People are always jealous, and those negative things are just from people who are jealous,” said Saumu Mbuvi.
    Saumu once again flaunted photos of her engagement ring on social media, see the photos below:

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