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    Pregnant with baby number two? Size 8 opens up

    Pregnant with baby number two? Size 8 opens up

    Gospel singer Size 8 could be pregnant again. The mother of one however hasn’t directly confirmed whether she is expectant, nor has she denied it either.
    If Size 8 is indeed pregnant then the timing couldn’t be much better, her daughter is old enough to have a baby brother or sister.
    Ladasha turned three on November 19th. And almost two weeks later after her birthday, Size 8 took to social media to flaunt what appears to be a baby bump,
    Her fans were quick to congratulate her after she posted the photo on social media. Size 8 however neither confirms nor denies that she is expecting her second child.
    “I will not deny nor confirm but let us wait and see, time will tell,” said Size 8 in an interview with Word Is when she was asked whether she was pregnant.
    Fears conceiving again
    Size 8 further revealed that she has been having fears of conceiving again ever since she had complications with her first pregnancy way back in 2015.
    “I had fears of getting pregnancy again but I thank God after I joined Bible school, I was taught a lot of things that helped me fight the fear. That is why for a long time people were even wondering kwani Size 8 hazai tena?” said Size 8.
    Adding that;
    “My first pregnancy got me to the position of getting trauma, mpaka sikua nataka kurudi hapo. Ladasha is a real miracle to me because were it not for the love of God, I would have lost her when she was still in my womb. She was too tiny as my placenta had complications and so she was not feeding well.”

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