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    Police hunt for House girl as Sh5 Million goes missing at Minister’s House

    Police have launched a manhunt of a house girl who is believed to have disappeared with Sh5 million from former Minster Simeon Nyachae’s house in Nairobi.

    The woman identified as Lilian Maina, went missing on October 7, a time her employer (Nyachae’s wife Grace Wamuyu) had travelled to UK to visit her ailing husband (Nyachae).

    Detectives looking into the matter arrested the house girl’s daughter (Grace Mbugua) who allegedly picked her mother from the Minister’s house and escorted her to Kitengela.

    The officers wanted her detained for a week to enable them to finalise investigations, as they claimed that she knew the whereabouts of her mother, but a Nairobi court rejected the request.

    According to Court documents, Nyachae and his wife returned to the country on October 7 and the following day she could not find the keys to the safe in her Bedroom.

    "I checked where I usually keep the keys but they were not there. I went to the safe and I found them in the Keyhole and all the money that was in the safe missing. Some were in foreign currency’ ” said Ms Wamuyu as she recorded a statement at Parklands Police station.

    By the time of reporting the incident, her house help (Lilian) had already disappeared.

    "We started investigations and Ms Mbugua was arrested on October 29 on the strength of phone calls data which showed she had picked up the suspect and escorted her to KitengelaThe police believe the young woman has information on the whereabouts of the key suspect,” the police said in an affidavit.

    The court directed that the officers should pursued the suspect alone without bringing in her daughter.

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