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    Neym blame Neymar has an excuse after making Klopp furious with his diving antics

    NEYMAR has hit back at Jurgen Klopp after the Liverpool boss slammed the Brazilian's appalling evening of diving.
    The Reds boss tore into Neymar in his post-match interview, criticising his underhanded tactics in PSG's 2-1 Champions League win last night.

    But now the former Barcelona star has cited injury for his inability to stay on his feet at the Parc des Princes.

    Neymar claimed: “I wasn’t at 100 per cent but it was an important match so injured or not I had to be there.”
    After last night's game, a furious Klopp barked: "It was clever of PSG, Neymar — especially him — but a lot of players went down as if it was really serious.
    "You act like you die and the next moment you get up. It could be a yellow card. You could do that. Everybody's going down, it's not football anymore.

    “A little hurdle was the 500,000 interruptions in the second half and the referee still thinks he did everything right.
    "We are the fairest team in England but tonight we looked like butchers.
    "They were always down and it looked like we used elbows. It was smart if you want, the ref let that happen."
    Following their key loss, Liverpool will now need to beat Napoli 1-0 or by two clear goals to progress to the knockout stages.

    And it's fair to say Andy Robertson was not best pleased with PSG either, adding: "I would like to know how much time they actually wasted throughout this game.
    "They could have set a new record tonight. Every opportunity they got they were rolling about.
    "It’s all a big act. We played up to it unfortunately tonight. The ref was definitely fooled by it all.”
    Neymar of course is no stranger to controversy regarding his play-acting - having become infamous throughout his career, particularly during last summer's World Cup .
    Fans made hilarious memes mocking the Brazilian as he quite literally broke records for time spent on the ground.

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