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    Meet STL’s younger flaming sister Cherie Mwangi

    Meet STL's younger flaming sister Cherie Mwangi (photos) 

    Rapper STL recently left Team Mafisi scrambling for a plan after introducing her younger sister.
    STL comes from a family of three and was raised by her mother Perpetua Mwangi in Norway after their dad, Jeff Mwangi Kwirikia, was killed.
    Mwangi, a former political activist, died in Dal Ullensaker, Norway on January 31 2012 after being knocked down by a hit-and-run car whose driver has since been charged with manslaughter.


    Since then not much about STL’s family has been out until recently when she took to social media to wish her younger sister Cherrie Mwangi a happy  birthday.
    “Mom raised 3 daughters. I’m second born. Help me wish last born a Happyyy birthday!!🎂🎶🎶 Even tho U @cheriemwangi get on my nerves sometimes, I would take bullets 4u anyday☠ Love you ❤ #scorpioseason” she posted. 
    Her sister was also in Kenya recently and shared how lovely her mother land is.
    “Kwaheri Kenya, you’ve been treating me good🇰🇪 Where should I go next?🌺👇🏾” she said. 
    Just like her sister, Cherie can also rap and has a few videos on instagram spitting rhymes which are just as good as her sister’s.

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