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    Lady Jaydee finally comes clean about her suicidal thought

    Lady Jaydee finally comes clean about her suicidal thought 

    On September 26th 2018, Tanzanian songbird Lady Jaydee scared her fans on social media when she announced that she had contemplated taking her own life.
    The ‘Yahaya’ hit maker took to Twitter to reveal that she was contemplating ingesting poison but only restrained herself after remembering how far she has come.
    Inspired by Whitney Houston
    Lady Jaydee has finally opened up about contemplating suicide. She first apologized for tweeting about her suicidal thoughts without going into the details about what pushed her to contemplate taking her own life.
    “First of all, I apologize. It was just a tweet. I choose not to talk about it,” said Jaydee during an interview with LilOmmy.
    Lady Jaydee
    She added that;
    “I don’t think a tweet like that can make someone give up. There are people that i looked up to in music who had done bad things, they had fallen, they went through trouble. But that gave me strength more than weakness. Like Whitney Houston, who is my number one. If she decided to get into drugs, I haven’t gotten into drugs. If anyone decides to get into something by following a bad example, then that’s their decision, they shouldn’t blame anyone. You are the one to choose what’s good for you. There are things you do that turn out to be lessons.”

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