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    HP Omen X Specs and Price

    Hewlett Packard (HP) has a number of gaming laptops under its name but this one, the HP Omen X, can be safely said to be the best of HP’s best gaming laptops. The HP Omen X is an upgrade from the HP Omen 17 that was released last year (2017) and it brings on board improvements in the aspects of keyboard design and customization, CPU overclocking, cooling and heat pipe design and quantity, RAM, graphics unit etc.

    The design is sturdy and it comes with a display and GPU that allows you play games at their native resolution. And asides the fact that the GPU was optimally built to last long, GPU clock speed has also been reduced so as to cut down on battery usage. The display is also good with an incredibly high refresh rate and G-sync. Need a top-of-the-line gaming PC you can trust to handle gaming without glitches? You should check out the HP Omen X.

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