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    Corazon Kwamboka gives her two cents on Mugo wa Wairimu

    Corazon Kwamboka gives her two cents on Mugo wa Wairimu

    Fake doctor Mugo wa Wairimu was finally arrested by Flying Squad after going underground for over a week. The quack went missing following the airing of NTV exposé that showed how he was scamming patients while operating an illegal clinic in Kayole.
    After more than a week of searching, police finally arrested Mugo wa Wairimu on Tuesday night at his hideout in Gachie, Kiambu county.
    The fake doctor was taken to Pangani Police Station in Nairobi, he will be arraigned at the Milimani Law Courts Wednesday November 14th.
    No woman deserves to be raped
    Corazon Kwamboka has expressed her opinion about Mugo wa Wairimu in a lengthy post on social media. The socialite apologized to all women who fell victim to Mugo, she also condemned his actions.
    Mugo wa Wairimu
    Catching up with recent affairs yesterday and I come across a documentary about this guy. First I thought, ah! This again, only to realize that this is a fresh investigation, not the 2015 one. This guy is back doing harm to vulnerable women in Nairobi.
    First I want to extend my sympathy to every woman who has been through such ordeals. No woman deserves to be raped, but even worse to be raped or taken advantage of by a doctor, someone you trusted to act in your best interest at your most vulnerable time. I am not here to condemn or judge you for procuring an abortion, I don’t know your story. I’m here to condemn this quack for putting his patients at risk, by doing medical procedures without due diligence and when high as a giraffes ass, and afterwards overcharging and raping women amidst the trauma they just underwent.
    Lately, I’ve been to one doctors office to another (gynecologist). When you go to a doctors office, you think this is your safe space, and to be sexually assaulted when under the influence of the anaesthesia is beyond sick.
    In 2015, this quack could not be charged with rape for lack of forensic. This time I hope the relevant government agencies will do thorough and proper investigation, and our courts will not slack either in order to protect us once and for all against the devious MUGO wa WAIRIMU.
    #askcorazonlaw #legaltuesday
    Comments some words of encouragement and advice to the women affected

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