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    APASS Disses Geosteady’s Dress-code on Presidential Poster

    APASS Disses Geosteady's Dress-code on Presidential Poster

    The battle is on. Who will be the coolest president come 2021. APASS or Geosteady. The two musicians have already started their battle for this seat, as APASS, has clearly analyzed Geo’s posted.
    “Who can take Geo steady serious, look at his shirt “ He posted
    Well, Geosteady was not having these insults, and decided to prove that indeed, he is steady. The fellow singer shared a photo with him in a smooth steady suit, dressed like  a million buck.
    Just like we know the Dididada singer, he did not give up, and added; “You are still dressed like my primary school teacher at Nakasero PS “
    Savage! Who do you think will make the best dressed president in Uganda?

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