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    Why Nyambane Was Forced To Walk Out Of Churchill Show

    Walter Mong’áre alias Nyambane was on Tuesday booed out of the Churchill Show live show recording happening at the Carnivore Grounds.

    Nyambane was invited to the stage by the host, Daniel Ndambuki popularly known as Churchill when things quickly went south.

    The Show, dubbed “Recounting the Moi Rule” was commemorating Daniel Arap Moi’s era as president. Nyambane was before working with the Jubilee party and the Nairobi County, was a comedian with Redykyulass where he imitated the former president.

    But when he was invited to the stage, he declined to play his world famous role as Moi. The crowd went berserk and started booing him.

    “Toka, kwenda” (leave, go)chants could be heard.

    Mong’are explained his actions saying: “Out of respect for the retired president, who – today – is not as energetic as he was nearly two decades ago, I choose not to imitate, or make fun of him.”

    The dissatisfied crowd drove him off the stage as they taunted him with “toka, toka” (leave,leave) chants.

    He is said to have left the show thirty minutes after the incident.

    Last week, a drunk and disorderly Kajiado Senator, Phillip Mpaayei was kicked out of the show. The legislator is said to have caused chaos in the VIP section.

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