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    Wema Sepetu's Boyfriend Kicked Out Of House

    Miriam Sepetu, the mother of Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu has kicked out her daughter’s boyfriend.

    Miriam is said to have arrived at her daughter’s house in Mbezi-Salasala area, Dar es Salaam, past midnight after getting wind that her daughter’s new lover Lawrence Masanja alias Rahur was with the actress.

    It is reported that Miriam chased Rahur out of the house after electricity tokens ran out at around 11 pm.

    According to the neighbors, Wema’s mother thought since there was a man in the house, he would offer to buy power tokens. But Rahur did not, reportedly fueling Mariam Sepetu’s anger.

    However, speaking to Tanzania’s ‘Global Publishers’, Miriam said she kicked Rahur out of Wema’s house because he had not been officially introduced to her by the actress.

    She argued that her daughter could not stay with him in the same house until a formal introduction was done.

    When contacted for comment, Rahur denied that he was kicked out because he refused to buy power tokens.

    According to him, Mariam Sepetu doesn’t want Wema to be with him. The actress has since cut ties with Rahur.

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