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    “Ukiachwa achika!” Otile Brown disses Vera Sidika in new song

    "Ukiachwa achika!" Otile Brown disses Vera Sidika in new song

    Otile Brown seems to have dropped yet a new song targeting his ex, Vera Sidika. This comes shortly after the former socialite revealed that the fella apparently dumped her after she refused to give him 500k.
    As expected the two went on to parade their dirty linen on social media giving their fans a chance to enjoy the drama. Otile at some point denied asking for the money claiming that Vera Sidika was the one asking him to help pay for her high end saloon.
    However, Sidika on the other hand shared screenshots from their conversations proving that the young singer was indeed asking for money.

    Otile Brown’s diss track

    Anyway earlier this afternoon the fella released a new song dedicated to her ex. Listening to the lyrics,  the singer goes on to say ‘ukiwachwa Wa homa’ which undeniably shows that he was targeting Vera Sidika.
    Fans on the YouTube channel left hilarious comments while others saw this as a petty tactic to help spread his music. 

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