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    There Is Envy Everywhere – Stonebwoy

    There Is Envy Everywhere - Stonebwoy

    Award-winning dancehall act, Stonebwoy talks about the music industry. He revealed that he has no friends in the music industry.

    However, he admits that there is some level of support among artistes in the music industry. He made these statements to Lexis Bill on Behind the Fame on Joy FM
    “We do support each other. It all comes back to understanding because when it comes to performing at shows, it is usually a win-win situation for the artistes involved,
    “I do not have friends though it depends on the details” 
    “I won’t say friends, you know when we say friends we shouldn’t underestimate the word friends so we might not use that to explain the type of relationship that I have…,” 
    Moreover, he described colleague singer Samini whom many see as his close pal, as a brother.
    “I mean if we are talking about ‘friend-friend’, Samini is my big brother as I see it so and then”
    “Mugeez is somebody I speak to on that level so I’m mentioning people that are like if it is supposed to be friend-friend…Edem we speak ‘once and once’, Yaa Pono we speak ‘once and once’, Kwaw [Kese] as well.”
    According to him, he has no one in the industry that he speaks to constantly and even picks moves with.
    “It’s not really necessary, it all depends on the heart…because sometimes we don’t talk for a long time, we don’t see each other but what’s in the heart remains if it’s for peace, [if] it’s for love we all know…,” 
    Also, Lexis Bill inquired if there is envy in the music industry. He answered: “there is envy in life so it flows everywhere.”

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