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    Ridiculous Phrases Men Use To Break Up

    1. I’m Just Not Ready Yet

    We are all very familiar with this line, it is only a guy beating around the bush because he just can’t say I don’t want you anymore. This line might come in the forms of It’s not you it’s me, You’re special to me But I need time, I can’t commit yet but if I had to, you’d be the one. It’s only a way for a guy to tell you he wants to sleep with other women and not get exclusive with just one girl. Find someone who cherishes You.

    2. We Can Still Be Friends

    This line comes when the guy still wants you around but doesn’t want to commit with you. It happens when He’s unsure if he’ll find someone else and he needs you to be there as backup when he fails, these words May sound harsh but they’re the reality of how it is. Choose your self-respect and say no to being friends.

    3. You Can Do So Much Better

    This is yet another word for him to nicely tell you he’s over you and he wants you to think he’s not the right person For you. These type of reverse psychology phrases are very common among guys who are too scared to just Tell you they never loved you and they’re tired of seeing you everyday. But they’re right, you really can do so much Better than them, better than a person who can’t even spell out their true feelings and don’t have the guts to say What they feel.

    4. You Are Great & Beautiful, But

    The horrid but of destruction comes into play when the guy has met someone better looking than you and He feels like he deserves to be with that person. This happens when the guy you’re with is insanely superficial, That he gives priority on looks over feelings, you shouldn’t be sad though because you’re better off without That person. Beauty fades away, feelings live forever, and someone who can’t cherish your feelings doesn’t Deserve to be with you.

    5. I Have A Fear Of Commitment

    This means that the guy is immature and not worth your time. Guys who fear commitment are the ones who Want to try their luck with every possible girl they see and they don’t want to be stuck with just one girl forever. You need to let them go, show them how immature they are and find someone who isn’t afraid to hold your Hand tight and show the world.

    6. I Need Some Time Off

    It means the guy either found someone else or was hiding something from you and doesn’t want you to know And insult him. Don’t get me wrong, taking time off is normal in certain situations where you two either go Through a huge fight or when the guy wants to talk his feelings out and he just wants to figure out how to, but In most cases it just means they’re over you and they want you to drift away yourself

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