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    “Pregnancy journey is so hard!” Cries Bridget Achieng

    "Pregnancy journey is so hard!" Cries Bridget Achieng

    Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng recently revealed that she will be raising her baby as a single parent. This is after her baby daddy allegedly walked out on her after finding out she was 2 months pregnant.

    From her Instagram stories, Achieng went on to add that the Nigerian fella was even willing to give her money for an abortion; however she couldn’t go through with it since she had always wanted a baby.
    She went on to confess never cheating on the guy who later left her just because she wouldn’t get rid of the unborn child.

    Pregnancy journey

    Being rejected while pregnant is definitely not the best feeling; in fact Bridget Achieng says she almost went into depression but thankfully her family was very much supportive.
    However, being pregnant is also a task on its own and from her recent post shared on her story; Bridget says her journey has been quite harder than she expected.
    Her baby is due in February, so hold in there mama!

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