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    Nairobi Diaries former actress welcomes her first child!

    Nairobi Diaries former actress welcomes her first child!

    With Risper Faith and Bridget Achieng waiting for their babies their babies to arrive; one Yvonne Reedah who was part of Nairobi Diaries season 2 recently announced the birth of her son!

    The lady who is popularly known for her British accent and stylish ways has since been working with NRG radio where she hosts a show alongside Shaw the youngin.

    Pregnancy journey experience

    Being a first time mum Reedah says that her pregnancy journey was smooth with no complications! Through a detailed post shared on her Instagram the new mum revealed that unlike most women, she did not have any morning sickness nor was she moody.
    Anyway she managed to welcome a healthy baby boy who now describes as her cub!
    “So all in all I enjoyed my pregnancy no morning sickness, hardly any mood swings just chilled TBH.
    My birth giving experience was bruh OK that deserves a YouTube video.
    All in all what I’m trying to say is don’t listen to what people say ati mta kosana na your man u ain’t gna stand no one sijui nini. Everyone’s experience is different and feeling my little boy growing in me everyday was a blessing. Not to mention my titties don’t fit into anything anymore. I love you cub. OK goodnight”

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