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    “Kulikuwa na vitu hazikuenda poa huku” John Allan Namu speaks of quitting KTN

    "Kulikuwa na vitu hazikuenda poa huku" John Allan Namu speaks of quitting KTN

    John Allan Namu officially left KTN sometimes in November 2015 after working at the Mombasa road-based media house for close to a decade.
    Namu is best known for his partnership with Mohammed Ali on Jicho Pevu and Inside Story, a series on KTN that went behind the scenes to uncover stories of corruption and impunity in Kenya.
    After leaving KTN, Namu partnered with Kassim Mohammed, Mohammed Ali and Wanjala Were to start their own media company – Africa Uncensored.
    Why quit?
    Speaking during an interview on Radio Maisha, Namu revealed what pushed him to quit KTN and start his own media company.
    He explained that he wasn’t satisfied with how things were working out at KTN and the larger mainstream media, so he opted to start his own media company to do things in his own way.
    John Allan Namu at Radio Maisha
    “I wasn’t satisfied with the way mainstream media was covering things. na kulikuwa na vitu hazikuenda poa huku and so it hurt me that I wasn’t able to do it especially in a company that I had dreamed of working for,” said Namu.

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