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    Jacque Maribe’s fiance is the most foolish murderer in Kenya -Kipkorir

    Jacque Maribe's fiance is the most foolish murderer in Kenya -Kipkorir

    As more and more evidence continues to be revealed regarding Monica Kimani’s murder, Kenyans have come to believe that Jacque Maribe’s fiance Joseph Irungu who is being accused of the killings, did it without a plan.
    Top city lawyer Donald B. Kipkorir has come out to call him the most foolish murderer in Kenya because of how he killed the young lady and left evidence all over.
    According to the lawyer, Irungu used Jacque’s car, and even brought the evidence back to her house before letting her drive him to hospital for treatment due to gun wounds.


    Police believe Joseph Irungu is the one who brutally murdered Monica while Jacque Maribe is an accomplice in the crime, detective believe she was helping Irungu to get rid of any evidence that would link him to Monica’s murder.
    The Star reports that Maribe was arrested after detectives recovered some documents, among them a wallet and a handbag believed to belong to Monica at her house in Royal Park, Lang’ata.
    A knife from Jacque Maribe’s kitchen has been subjected to scientific testing to establish if it is the weapon that was used to slice Monica’s throat.

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