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    Is Anita Nderu pregnant? She speaks

    Is Anita Nderu pregnant? She speaks

    Anita Nderu will not stop defending herself anytime soon. So far she has been accused of being pregnant severally but it all turns out to be false.
    Well in a new post shared on her Instagram page, Anita Nderu has come out to clarify that she is not with child. This is after her stomach appeared bulging from her short sequin dress that she wore during The Trend show.

    Anita Nderu speaks out

    In her caption, Anita Nderu defending herself saying that she is not expecting but was bloated. According to her this happens to most women once in a month and if anything, she is not sorry about it.
    The 27 year old media personality wrote saying;
    “If you have ever watched @thetrendlive then you know I use my hands alot! And no I am not pregnant, once in a month we bloat.”
    Despite explaining herself most fans think that she is actually pregnant since her hands and face also appeared swollen. Anyway only time will tell!

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