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    Awww! Itumbi pens lovely poem as Jacque Maribe hopes to be released on bail today

    Awww! Itumbi pens lovely poem as Jacque Maribe hopes to be released on bail today 

    State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi has written yet another letter dedicated to Jacque Maribe, this time a lovely poem to give her hope.
    Jacque and Governor Obado will be in court today. Maribe is crossing her fingers hoping that the judge will give her bail after confessing that she has a kid and didn’t help fiance Jowi in the murder of Monica Kimani.


    Itumbi has stood with Maribe’s in her case all the way showing support in each and every proceeding.
    Here’s the letter he posted:
    Today as you seek to get bail, I can only pen a little poem, written through a keyboard, but composed from the depth of a soul that has always connected to your heart.
    Creating a friendship that we both know, will never pause.
    Situations come and go, but our friendship will outlast fake headlines, rumours, false accusations, social media updates, the blog frenzy and even the unfair comments thereafter.
    Here my hand,
    I wish I had a moment’s eraser,
    I would sure delete what faces you today,
    Instead – fill the moment with laughter and Joy.
    I wish I would be able to move time to tomorrow,
    Tomorrow, when am certain you will be free,
    Tomorrow, when Justice will have been served,
    Tomorrow, when today will be yesterday,
    Tomorrow, when your mountains will be flattened,
    Tomorrow, like Sarafina to sing, Freedom is coming…
    Tomorrow, when I can watch the wind blow your hair,
    ….and you push the braids back in defiance of interruption, and ruthless focus on your goals,
    Tomorrow, when you can dream again!
    But Here my hand,
    No matter what happens,
    I know I will be there to whisper my reservations,
    I know I will be there to cheer you up,
    I know I will be there to watch you dance in victory!
    Here my hand,
    Use it as your extra strength,
    Use it to write your new chapter,
    Use it to bounce back,
    Here my hand,
    Have enough of it for support and strength,
    Then let it go,
    There is a reason storms are named after women,
    You are a storm, yes you are,
    I know you cannot be stopped by the dust of outright lies and falsehoods,
    I await the storm in your name,
    Sweep us all with your transformation…
    Dear Storm,
    Jacqueline Wanjiru Maribe!
    At the end of it, I pray that Justice is served to all.

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