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    Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead sold at £1.35 million

    Monte Carlo Auction House organized a bid to sell many rare manuscripts and documents.

    Among the sold items was a papyrus that contains a text version of the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead which was sold at £1.35 million.

    The book that dates back to the reign of Pharaoh Psammetich II (from 595 to 589 BC) is in the form of a scroll that consists of 192 chapters and whose length is 17 meters.

    The sold Book of the Dead contains religious texts, which were usually placed in the tomb to aid the dead to overcome the trials that awaited him after his death according to ancient Egyptian beliefs.

    It is worth mentioning that Joseph Stalin’s death mask and the casts of his hands were sold at the Canterbury Auction Galleries in the UK for £ 13,500.

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