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    Amazon Yields To Pressure, Increases Salary Of Workers

    Amazon will further raise a planned wage increase for some workers, and will offer bonuses as a replacement for previous compensation plans, after controversy over changes to employee payment.

    The company announced last week that it would begin paying all of its employees at least $15 per hour, but the plan soon led to backlash from some workers, who said that cutting certain incentives, like monthly bonuses and stock options, would lead them to earn less overall.

    Now,  Amazon is making some changes to the initial plan.

    First, a planned increase of $1 for workers already making $15 per hour will increase to an additional $1.25 per hour for some workers, according to Bloomberg. Bonuses will also be offered that replace previous compensation offers for long-term employees, allowing employees to earn $1,500 to $3,000 for staying at the company at milestones over five to 20 years.

    But it’s not clear how much the announcement will do to ease concerns among workers at the company. Amazon has repeatedly said throughout the controversy that the increases will be enough to offset other losses in compensation for employees, but some workers have remained troubled. This week, Sen. Bernie Sanders, a critic of Amazon, asked the company to respond to the controversy.

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