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    6 Ways To Get In Shape Within a Month

    Regardless if your goal is to lose weight or get toned, fitness is one of those struggles that drive us up the wall here are simple ways to get there.

    I think besides losing weight, being healthy and fit is the most important thing. For starters you need to set a goal that will help you focus. You also need to have a specific purpose, is it about being able to climb the stairs at work without getting out of puff? Or going for a long walk without your legs wobbling? Whatever your goal is, a mixture of good diet and a good fitness challenge like the Stanchart Marathon will help you get on track.

    1. Get on a low-carb diet

    This is the kind of diet where you either get rid of carbohydrates completely or you choose to reduce the amount of carbs you eat. Eat more veggies, fruits and high fiber foods such as brown rice and even when you serve carbs serve a small portion. Always make sure your plate is filled with a lot more protein and vegetables

    2. Avoid processed foods

    This goes without saying, if you want to lose weight then be prepared to eat less processed foods. Processed foods have a lot of calories so they end up turning into fat in your body because they are empty calories, your body does not need those.

    3. Join a fitness challenge

    The best motivation is to actually join a fitness challenge. One that is coming up is the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon which will be held on the 28th October 2018. You need to prepare yourself physically so make sure you start working out from now, walk every day and join other people with a similar goal. Athletes usually start working out early enough for the final marathon which I advise you to do.

    4. Get enough sleep

    7-8 hours of sleep in what you should get every day. When you sleep early your body gets enough time to rest and rejuvenate

    5. Keep off the booze

    Booze has a lot of empty calories, it is best to do an alcohol detox where you will keep off alcohol for some time. Your skin and liver will thank you later, the empty calories turn into fat that you definitely do not need.

    6. Drink a lot of water

    You need to keep hydrating to keep your organs healthy and so that you don’t confuse thirst for hunger. Drink cucumber, lemon or green tea water for extra weight loss.

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