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    4 Wrong Things Women Do With Men That End A Relationship Before It Even Starts

    1- Over-analysing the situation:

    I personally know a ton of women who over assess or over analyze any situation they’re presented with. The problem might have been relatively simple to get over, but because they over-thought the solution, it turned into a huge mess. When new love is blossoming, people tend to live in the now. They don’t think top much about the future and are more concerned with actually starting a relationship. Yet, some people have a tendency to over complicate this.

    Don’t get me wrong here, it’s a good thing to think of the future but sometimes you need to focus more on the present. Instead of asking yourself, ‘when will we get married?’, try thinking of where will you two go out tonight. Everything has a specific time. There will eventually be a time to get married etc but right now that’s in the distant future and it isn’t worth stressing yourself out for.

    2- Building a fantasy life:

    We all have our own fantasies which we’d like to see come true someday. We have this wish that everything goes exactly the same way as we plan it to go. However, that’s not how life works. In life, things may or may not go the way you want them to. For example; the guy you’re about to enter a relationship with might not be able to stand the humidity in Hawaii.

    Love is only beginning so we’re all they can see for now and that makes us happy. It’s like, we think that they’ll automatically agree to having a cat. What if they’re allergic to cats? See, we don’t plan their side of things. Only they can plan that. Thus, your fantasy isn’t going to happen without a few interventions. Girls can drive away guys by telling them about all the different things they see the two of them doing already before the relationship even started.

    3- Thinking it started before it actually starts:

    Let me tell you how a relationship works: two people like each other and EXPRESS their feelings. The keyword here is expressing i.e. an actual verbal declaration. Without actually telling someone who you like them and them saying it back, there is no relationship.

    You can think all you want that it’s as good as started, but it hasn’t actually started yet. Women can go wrong by thinking that it begun without it actually having begun.

    You can be as sure as you want about their feelings and they can flirt etc., but it hasn’t begun until you two mutually agree that it has. In fact, it comes as a huge surprise when they flirt with other girls even though it really isn’t.

    4- Asking too many questions:

    Is it a good thing to be cautious? Yes. Is it a good thing to ask unnecessary questions? Probably not. There’s a huge difference between being cautious and nosy. If you want to know about his family or his job then that’s normal, but if you want to know about his distant relatives right now without them having any connection to anything, it’s not normal.

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