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    4 Bachelor Habits You Need To Lose In Order To Settle Down

    We all have certain habits that we don’t notice until it is someone else that we have to share our lives and our homes with. Men and women are different, and so are their habits and tendencies. For as long as anyone can tell, there have been certain habits that men and women have been irritating each other with. Does the argument ever end? It would take an understanding of each other’s habits and a genuine desire to abstain from the bad ones in order to cohabit harmoniously. And so, here are a few habits that men do need to kick to the curb if they wish to settle down and exist peacefully with their significant other.

    1. Bad hygiene

    This is more of a prerequisite than you’d think, gentlemen. And this includes a whole host of things. Plenty of women find it gross when men don’t floss after brushing their teeth. But there are certain things regarding which most women concur. It should go without saying that dirty finger nails, and inadequate hair trimming in certain areas are both traits that make a man very undesirable. Do let’s keep it nice and clean, shall we?

    2. Spending your free time gaming

    This is true. I happen to have a friend, a 26 year old with a stable job, yet spends all his free time glued to his Xbox. Gentlemen, if you wish to make the transition from boys to eligible young men, learn to curb your time spent gaming, whether computer games, Xbox or whichever sort, to a minimum and use it instead on quality time with your woman. You needn’t give it up entirely. But understand that most young ladies do not believe their idea of a perfect evening to be spent in front of your Xbox.

    3. Your bedroom looks like you’re still 14

    If you still have a superhero bedspread with a comforter to match, lose it. Or if you can’t, then refrain from using it. Your furniture and other accessories should reflect the fact that you’re a mature, well-adjusted man. Dirty pants and clothes lying on the floor, wall posters, empty cans and containers are a no-no. Also, ditch the compulsion to collect useless items characteristic of a teenager.

    According to Sean Convey, "We become what we repeatedly do." Let’s bear that in mind.

    4. Inappropriate toilet manners

    Women do not take kindly to bad form concerning the toilet. Leaving the toilet seat up (an age old dilemma), doing the necessary with the toilet seat unclean (yes, I speak of the ‘splash’), not replacing the tissue roll upon finishing it are some toilet habits that exasperate women to no end. I do believe it would be a favour to all womankind when I ask all you men to try to remember to leave the toilet seat the way you found it.

     5. Leaving the place messy

    This is one aspect all women are rather particular about. And leaving wet towels on the bed, dirty dishes in the sink to accumulate over the course of the week, and leftover food coated with fungus are enough to aggravate any woman. Your house/apartment/loft need not be exceptionally large and spacious with remarkably sophisticated furniture; most women are not as mercurial as that; but it does need to be clean. So, that empty milk carton on the kitchen counter and those expired food containers in the refrigerator? They need to go. That habit of leaving shoes in places where shoes should never be, like the coffee table for one? It needs to go too. A messy house makes you less desirable to a woman. And let us save ourselves from parasitic and bacterial infestation in the process, gentlemen.

    6. Late nights with friends

    So you love hanging out with your boys. Nothing wrong with that. But, settling down in a long term relationship means compromises. So, if she is willing to come to an agreement about her late nights, then you need to understand that you can’t continue to be a man about town all night long. Good sleeping habits are essential to your physical and mental health. And they will affect not only your performance at work, but also your relationship with your lady. So, let us keep the ecosystem balanced.

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