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    Women Nearly Tore Our Group Apart – Keche

    Women Nearly Tore Our Group Apart  – Keche

    Many groups have turned into ashes due to misunderstanding caused by women among group
    members. This usually happens to groups of men, especially when they are not married.
    Music duo, Keche has revealed that their case may have been the same if they had not acted
    quickly to save the group from falling apart because of women.
    Joshua of Keche in an interview with Emcee Bebe, host of Entertainment Xtra show in Cape
    Coast 93.3 FM over the weekend posited that their group nearly split because of a lady.
    Highlighting why music groups break up, Joshua said:
    “The issue of Women can’t be overlooked when talking about why music groups split. We’ve had similar experience which nearly collapsed Keche but we were quick to resolve issues. For Keche as a group was there before the lady came into the scene so we won’t allow her to cause our separation”.
    He further advised his colleague group musicians not to allow any desperate woman to mess up their hard-earned reputation.

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