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    Vera Sidika need for a baby pushes her to start helping single mums

    Vera Sidika need for a baby pushes her to start helping single mums

    We have seen Vera Sidika several times wishing she has a baby girl. Vera has posted several times online that she wish she had a baby and now, she had decided to help single mothers who are struggling.
    Taking to instagram, Vera announced that she plans to give struggling single mothers a treat at Vera Sidika’s Beauty Parlour every month till December.
    “I have been having a noticeably crazy baby fever over the past few weeks & jana during a late night read I thought of something. As much as I have this new found love for kids and all that cuteness they come with, there’s women out there who truly struggle bringing up their children as single moms,” she posted. 
    “Some of these women had unplanned pregnancies or were left by their men during the pregnancy, but they still went ahead had their babies, scaled through that challenge & single handedly brought up their kids to be the most successful, confident, humans we have today. That to me is very POWERFUL! One thing I just realized is that single mothers are often neglected when it comes to doing good/charity projects & they too need our help from time to time.

    Look good

    She went on to add that she will pick five mom in the five months because she believes every woman deserves to look good.
    “For this reason, I would like to offer a full makeover for a single mom every month of this year (till December) So I’ll pick 5 single moms for the 5 months left. that includes; pedi, mani, hair @verasidikabeautyparlor Cause I believe every woman deserves to look & feel good once in a while despite what they go through …then have lunch/dinner with me, plus grocery shopping for a month. Kindly nominate or mention a young struggling single mom you truly feel deserves this & tell us their story (they don’t have to be on ig, could be a friend, neighbour, stranger u met one day & felt they needed help) the comment with most likes/interaction will b considered.”

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