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    People Who Are Making Pakistan Proud at a Very Young Age

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    The brighter side of Pakistan are its young achievers whose work and names are well recognized by the world. Some of them are as follows:

    Hamza Shahzad:

    Mohammad Hamza Shahzad, who is currently residing in the United Kingdom, earned the title of the youngest Microsoft professional at a very young age of 6, beating the record of late ArfaKarim. He made the nation proud by scoring a whopping 757 marks in the Microsoft Certification exam, in which 700 marks are required to pass the exam. Kids like him are the true assets of Pakistan and an inspiration for the whole youth out there. Well done, Hamza.

    Haroon Tariq:

    This Pakistani student from Islamabad made 7 world records by securing a total of 87 A's in his IGCSE, O and A 'Levels from University of Cambridge International Exams at the age of 19 only. His majors were both humanity and sciences, including Islamic religion and Culture, Human and Social Biology, Global Development, Physics and Chemistry. According to the reports, Haroon's teachers were his main source of guidance which helped him achieve the title of "Most Brilliant Student" in Pakistan's history along with tremendous amount of fame and numerous awards.

    Faizan Soofi:

    Faizan is viewed as one of the youngest authors from Pakistan. He was 8 years old when he started writing short stories and poems some of which were printed in Dawn. He then published his first novella named "Howl" at the age of 10 which was well received by his friends, relatives and readers. The positive feedback inspired Faizan to write another one titled ""Instrumental Queens" The young author's work was of almost of 45000 words that he typed himself. This was at age 11. A year later he published a short story and play collection under the name "Belle". Faizan published his fourth work titled Instrumental Kings"at age 12. He is working on the third in the series and has also some other fiction work lined up. Instrumental Queens has found its way towards renowned libraries in place likes Harvard, Princeton, Yale etc. His school Aitchison has also honored him with a citation.

    Well done Faizan!

    Laraib Atta:

    Laraib Atta, the daughter of the legendary singer, Atta Ullah Khan Esakhelvi, has been taking the Hollywood by storm since a very early age. She was 19 when she stepped into Hollywood and till now she has left no stone unturned to make her identity. In 2006 she got her first advertisement to work as a female visual effects artist and after all the amazing work she has been doing, Laraib was rewarded the title of the "Youngest Female Visual Effects Artist". Johnny Depp's Sweeney Todd, 10,000 B.C, Chronicles of Narnia, X-Men, Gravity, Godzilla, etc. are some the masterpieces of her jaw dropping work.

    Babar Iqbal:

    Hailing from Dera Ismail Khan, Pakistan, Babar Iqbal is a 12 year old boy who up til now has made 4 world records in the field of computer. He was first rewarded as the youngest "Certified Wireless Network Administrator (CMNWA)" at the age of only 9. His research pertains to Apple idevices and has been accepted by the 8th IEEE. What distinguishes his method from others is that his process doesn't require jail breaking and can image an idevice in less than 30 minutes. What an achievement!

    Haris Khan:

    The young Pakistani ethnic boy, living in Ireland, launched his game "Super Soccer Kids" on 7th February 2014 just before few days of his 11th birthday. This launching earned Haris the title of "The Youngest App Developer" of Pakistan and according to resources, his game has already crossed over 400 downloads. He combined his two fields of interest, sports and technology, to create a fun game getting the inspiration from his graphic designer mother and his father who works for Apple.

    Mauhib Iqbal:

    This 13 year old kid from Beacon House School System has achieved the "Youngest Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist" title from Microsoft in .Net framework 4.0 with 98.4%. He is currently teaching at Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and is also giving lectures at universities like FAST and MAJU through Skype. Mauhib has excelled in different programming languages such as C sharp and .Net 4.0 with mastering in different technologies including database web applications, etc. He's truly an inspiration.

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