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    Pappy Kojo Talks About Collaboration With Obrafour

    Pappy Kojo Talks About Collaboration With Obrafour

    Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo talks about collaborations. According to him, Obrafour might not want to collaborate with him because of his uncensored style of rapping.
    This is because he believes Obrafour has taken a new direction in music by attaching the word of God to his craft. Therefore, spewing uncensored lyrics in his song might be against that path. He made these statements on the Delay Show.
    Moreover, he stated that his songs are too secular for Obrafour. However, he understands his reasoning for that.
    He described Obrafour as his mentor and inspiration before blowing up in the music scene.
    Pappy also added that Obrafour inspired him to keep his dreadlocks.

    Pappy Kojo about Obrafour

    “Obrafour was my inspiration and number one. I still have the same feeling about him. My whole dreadlocks thing was about Obrafour. I personally think he doesn’t want to do a song with me. My content and his content don’t mix. You know he is more of a pastor. I think it makes sense so I don’t need to push it…”

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