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    Men think I hate them but I do not. We cannot do without men -Akothee

    Men think I hate them but I do not.  We cannot do without men -Akothee

    Singer Akothee doesn’t hate men as many think. A quick look at her Instagram timeline, you might end up concluding that the mother of five hates men because of her posts, but in a recent interview, she explained that all what she tries to tell women is to know when to say NO.
    “Men think I hate them but I do not.  We cannot do without men, but women should also learn how to say NO. I cannot let any man make plans for me and if they try to I will be out of there so fast they will be dizzy. I am in a relationship, but I will not discuss it,” she said in an interview with SDE. 
    The singer also shared why she’s no longer a big fan of the church despite being a staunch christian.
    “I realised that the church was full of hypocrites. So I got out, became a dancer and a party animal. Not that I dropped my faith…No. I am a staunch Christian but I do not accommodate hypocrites,” she said. 


    Unlike what many believe, Akothee also went on to explain that she’s not a spendthrift. She handles her money very carefully and avoids spending it on unnecessary, expensive things.
    “I am not extravagant. Not at all. I can wear the same dress for a week if I need to and I will not care who says what about it. Instead of buying a pricey handbag, I take that money and invest it. I do not hang around social groups and I hate people who brag, especially about having spent money in clubs.
    “That is not an investment.  My child may need the money later on, so I am not going to waste it. When I got pregnant, my second husband gave me money to cater for the child and I came back here and invested it,” she said. 

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