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    “Lil Pazo Disses Zahara Toto in Video.

    "Lil Pazo Disses Zahara Toto in Video.

    Lil Pazo has on numerous occasions been caught either quarreling or insulting many celebrities Spark TV Presenters especially female, within the country. Him and Zahara Toto have been in a feud lately, and he diced to shut up the TV presenter for her fearmongering., and videos have made rounds on Social Media, that will blow the roof off this year.
    He accused her of being caught by a White man in a bar, after she had apparently stolen a wallet.  He goes on to add  that she takes drugs, and that she is bum-less. Even a baby has more work than her. Catch the video below.
    Do you think we should start taking sides now?

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