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    Kibaki’s grandson Sean Andrew debuts as an actor

    Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew debuts as an actor

    Sean Andrew has chosen to take a different career path from his grandfather Mwai Kibaki who is an economist and also a celebrated politician in Kenya.
    Sean is a model and also an avid photographer. He has also ventured into acting and he will soon be appearing on your screens soon.
    Kibaki’s grandson has starred in an upcoming play dubbed ‘The Money That Made Him Poor’ which is set to premiere on September 27 at The Louis Leakey Auditorium.
    Sean Andrew with his brother, grandfather and mother  
    African stories
    The play producer Mwangi Njaja told Heads Up that they assembled top talent in the country drawn from the fields to star in the new play which basically tells African story.
    “We are a bunch of Kenyans who are passionate about telling African stories through the creation of some of the best shows in the country. This is a bona fi de hit show of 2018 as we have assembled the tip-top talent in the country drawn from the fi elds of acting, writing, PR, photography, audiovisual and media personalities,” said Mwangi Njaja.

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