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    Eddy Kenzo Opens Fundraising Campaign for Yasin Kawuma’s Family

    Eddy Kenzo Opens Fundraising Campaign for Yasin Kawuma's Family

    Award winning and International Singer, Eddy Kenzo, is not letting the family of the Latte Yasin, Bobi WIne’s former driver go without any help. He has started a fundraising campaign, for the family, to have enough money to cater for their needs. The father of the home was shot dead by unknown assailants in Arua, during the recent campaigns for Arua Municipality MP seat. Read Kenzo’s post below;


    “Soldiers shot and killed Hon. Kyagulanyi’s bodyguard and Driver Yasin Kawuma. The family has been crying out for justice. The world has been calling for the arrest and prosecution of the people who killed the young man, forcing him to leave his children at a young age. I know the President has the ability to know who murdered Kawuma and bring them to justice and that is what we want, that’s what the familywants, and that’s how it should be.
    Instead of that, our fellow artistes have picked money from him to take to this grieving family. Kale tetuganye 20m is a lot of money, but obulamu tebugulwa. We want justice first and money can come in later. The family has appreciated the President for his generous contribution, but told the messengers to return the money. They demand justice for their father’s death. I feel proud of them because dignity is better than silver and gold. Your late dad, brother and husband must be proud of you. Bambi mumuweseza ekitiibwa.
    I have gotten in touch with my brother Bobi and the family of late Yasin and requested them for permission to start a fundraising campaign for them. Send your contributions via mobile money to +256755 897891
    It is in the names of Yasin’s elder brother Male Sabit. The fundraising runs for 48 hours from today. We will tell you how much you have raised for the kids and family. God bless you”
    Kindly send in your contributions to help this family get through this hard time.

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