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    Apple will soon require all App Store apps to have a privacy policy

    Apple is requiring all new apps and updates to apps to link to the developers’ privacy policies in the App Store, it notified developers, as spotted by 9to5Mac. Previously, all subscription-based apps were required to link to privacy policies on their listings in the App Store, but now, the rule applies to all apps.

    Technically, Apple didn’t specify that existing apps have to follow the new rules, only that future updates must start listing a link to privacy policies. In the privacy policy, according to 9to5Mac, developers must explain what data their app is gathering, how, and the ways it’s being used. They must also detail their data retention policies and how users can opt out and delete their personal data.

    The rules go into effect on October 3rd. Apple says that current software without a policy won’t be removed from the App Store, but they’ll need to link to one if they ship an update after that date.

    After GDPR became fully enforced on May 25th and Facebook suffered the consequences of its major data breach fiasco in March, data privacy has increased in prominence for tech companies. This new rule seems to be Apple trying to comply with greater expectations of transparency around how user data is handled and asking developers to regulate themselves.

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