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    Akothee’s boyfriend Nelly Oaks hospitalized after surgery

    Akothee's boyfriend Nelly Oaks hospitalized after surgery

    2018 has been a year that has seen singer Akothee spend several weeks on a hospital bed due to fatigue.
    Her boyfriend Nelly Oaks has also been taken to hospital but the reason why is still not yet clear.
    On instagram, Akothee shared several photos with Oaks who is seen in a hospital bed rather weak. Although Akothee tries to warm him up with a few jokes, Oaks, who is also his manager, struggles to let out a smile.
    “God is greeeeeat , health is wealth my king,” said Akothee after the Nelly Oaks was hospitalized.
    In another post, Akothee said: My playmate , my friend, my guardian angel , my life is feeling Better now 😍😍😍😍😍 @nellyoaks. 


    In a post Nelly Oaks made, he might have undergone surgery after dental issues. He posted a clip showing his hospital room after the surgery and thanked God everything went as planned.
    Thank you God for a successful surgery. #dentalsurgery  #viewfrommyhospitalbed” he said on instagram. 
    This year, Akothee has been in and out of hospital four times all because of fatigue. Doctors warned her that she’s over working herself too much, a thing that is destroying her body.

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