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    Willy Paul’s selfie leaves tongues wagging

    Willy Paul's selfie leaves tongues wagging

    Gospel singer Willy Paul left his fans questioning his true intentions after he posted a selfie on Instagram.
    The gospel singer, who many have argued is not saved or if he is, doesn’t act like it, posted a selfie showing a woman’s behind. The photo stunned his fans who tried decoding it’s true meaning.
    “Morning fam, it’s another wonderful day that the Lord has given you… alll freeee… hit a like,” he captioned. the photo.


    Fans in the comment box responded differently to the photo with some claiming that he just wanted to show the woman he’s with as usual while others claimed he was just being naughty.
    mercyadhiambo2018Hehehe nn iko apo nyuma hahaha
    shantel_shata hata huda ama vera hawaniwezi
    joshndambu@gocho_official I think someone taking a selfie must like have a better view before pressing that kaselfie button
    gocho_official@joshndambu it’s deliberate AF
    slumboy_officialBehind every successful man
    _brad.ley_001njiwa ya blue
    buerdermotIs it the like for the free morning or for the blue skirt
    boyleisureDon’t mind pozzee,uliwajibu kwa interview,
    alpha_420Hehehehe ety wounderful mrng….😁😁😁😁damn yu a real snipper
    hymessalimWilly pooze
    mdellymaxNandy anatoa pesa mpesa
    wairimukihahuNimeona skirt ya blue ….
    filden_fidelityWewe na ujeuri haa
    dagi_orijiUlkua unapimia iyo mshiii?
    nasralugulunapenda ck moja nikuone
    moussayattusJoli garçon bien sapé
    moses_ombere@yycomedian hahaa enyewe ni njiwa

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