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    Sophie Ndaba is giving more details on her wedding

    Sophie Ndaba is giving more details on her wedding

    Sophie Ndaba sat with City Press and gave them more details on her upcoming nuptials.
    She gave out more details on the planning including the wedding dress,venue and dates.
    I am in talks with three people in the industry who are going to help me with my wedding planning. I’ve also approached three local designers who are going to design my wedding outfits. It’s going to be an intimate wedding with family and close friends,” she said.
    Although the couple hasn’t yet found a venue or set a date, she said “it’s going to be somewhere in Europe”. She told City Press that they are not in a rush to get married because they want a “perfect wedding”. When asked about her dream wedding, Ndaba said it had to be simple, but elegant.
    Ndaba is also doing things the old school way. She says she is going to do a big traditional wedding in Soweto, where she grew up.
    “For me, a traditional wedding is a big deal before the white wedding because you tend to involve everyone close to you and see family and friends that you haven’t seen in years,” she said.
    Although this will be Ndaba’s third marriage, she said there isn’t a formula for a successful marriage.
    “Every marriage is different. I have no regrets. In my previous marriage I gave it my best and I still do even now. I am not perfect. Everyday I am praying to be a better wife and I also pray for him to be a better husband.”
    Love overcomes all because Ndaba has found her soul mate: “He is my BFF. We are open to each other and we talk about everything,” she giggled.
    Lichaba shared the same sentiment: “We do everything together. When I met her I didn’t see a girlfriend in her, but a wife.”

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