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    Somizi honors the Fergusons

    Somizi honors the Fergusons

    Somizi took to social media to share a video on his Tuesday motivation. This time round, it was in celebration of the Fergusons.
    Somizi admits that they inspire him in more ways than one, including couplelically, businesswise and because they have great hearts.
    He has known them for years, and has seen them start from scratch.
    “Connie and Shona Ferguson, you guys inspire me so much. It’s amazing that you inspire a whole lot of people but even more amazing, you inspire the already inspired because I’m really inspired. I wake up in the morning and I inspire myself but I look at people like you and I go ‘yes’, ‘yes’, it’s limitless.”
    Somizi went ahead to applaud the Fergusons for breaking new frontiers.
    “You’ve worked hard. We’ve watched you as you’ve broken the mould. You have done things that we never thought would be done. And I grew up in television where it was run by a certain group of people and you guys came in. We are behind you. We support you. I love you.”

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