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    Khanya Mkangisa squashes dating rumors

    Khanya Mkangisa squashes dating rumors

    In the past few months, Khanya Mkangisa has been spotted with rapper Yanga. However, on Trending SA, she denied anything insinuating that the two are an item.
    “I mean that’s not…I mean you guys even had a picture. I mean, who is that? That can never be a real thing, but I know him hey. We aren’t very good friends, we’re cool, we know each other.”
    Khanya has therefore confirmed that she is single.
    “My mom’s independence, for me, is like the utmost. To this day… maybe that’s why I’m still single, I’m just like: ‘I can do this on my own’. I’ve watched my mom live that. There’s nothing you can’t do on your own, even when you’re struggling. Depend, rely on no man, honey, you can get it done”

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