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    Judithiana Quits Salon Talk after 4 Years

    Judithiana Quits Salon Talk after 4 Years

    We enjoyed her interactive interviews, and projects on the show. Namazzi Judithiana, who has been both a favorite Radio and TV host, shared the news this week, that she will not be a host on Salon Talk anymore.
    In a post on her blog, Judithiana thanked Urban TV for the 4 years and 3 months she had worked on the show. She also shared her gratitude for fellow TV presenter,Flavia Tumusiime, for a phonecall that changed her life.
    Thank you so much Mizz Flav, you done did it!!!
    In case you’re wondering, Flavia made an exciting call to Bush Baby ( The Urban TV Program’s Manager at the time).
    “So Bush, I have this girl, she is fresh, never been on TV but you can train her into what you want her to be” ….says Flavia
    From her post, this is not the last time we will see or hear from this bag of talent. She will be back soon on TV, and is still continuing with her show on Radio City. We will keep you posted.

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